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About Myanmar

Myanmar is opening up to the world for more than a decade. However, she still is unknown to the mass tourism. She has a population of more than 55 millions who, as every foreign visitor says, are very welcoming and try to smile at everyone. Situated on the western end of the Southeast Asia opening out to the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, the country has a number of pristine beaches with natural and untouched beauties. The geographical entities allow the country to have thick forests on the mountain ranges descending down from Himalaya. The great river Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy), flowing in the central plain, represents typical beauty of the tropical region. The livelihood on that river still remains authentic. The vast plateau in the East gives wonderful experiences to see colorful ethnic diversities in their scenic cultural backgrounds.

Myanmar is the largest country in the south-east Asia Peninsula sharing borders with Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand in clock-wise. With a total land area of about 676,000 sq. km, it is about the size of Texas and the size of United Kingdom and France combined. The Country stretches over 2090 km from North to South and over 925 km from east to west. It has a 2832 km coastline on the Indian Ocean. More than half of the total land area is covered with forests.


Generally Myanmar has three seasons.
1. The monsoon or rainy season is from May to October.
2. The cool dry season is from November to February.
3. The hot season is from March to May

The rainfall varies from 75cm in the central dry zone to 500cm in the coastal areas.

Average temperature ranges from 21° C in the northern high-lands to 32 C in central and lower regions.


Myanmar is a Union of many nationalities as many as 135 ethnic groups with their own languages and dialects. The major races are the Bamar, the Chin, the Kachin, the Shan, the Kayah, the Kayin, the Mon and Rakhine. The name Myanmar embraces all the nationalities.

The population of the country is over 55 millions with the Bamar, the majority race, making up about 70%.


Predominantly Myanmar is a Buddhist Country with more than 80 percent of the people embracing Theravada Buddhism. There are also Christians, Muslims, Hindus and some animists.


Buddhism has a great influence on the daily lives of Myanmar people. The people have preserved the traditions of close family ties respect for elders. Tolerance and contentment are the characteristics of the people and their hospitality is legendary.


The official language is Myanmar. English is widely spoken and understood.

One would not regret to choose Myanmar as his vacation destination, as it is the chance by which he can get himself away from beaten paths of mass tourism. It is also the opportunity to see the amazing Myanmar Architectures, the smiling people of the country, authenticity of their livelihood and colorful culture of the region.

Welcoming your plan to visit Myanmar (Burma), we forward this small brochure to make you know little more about the country, which has remained largely unspoiled by present days social and economic developments. Myanmar’s unique cultural heritage, golden pagodas, colourful markets, ancient religious festivals and classic handicrafts all provide a lush background to the highlights of any visitor’s experience of the country and its people who are among the warmest and kindest to be found anywhere in the World.