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About 286km by road, 258km by rail from Yangon. 8km North-east of the town is Thaye Khittaya (Sriksetra), an archaeological site of the ancient Pyu Kingdom (5th – 9lh Century). Sights to visits are: Shwesandaw Pagoda, Hsehtakyi Pagoda, Payagyi, Payama stupas and archaeological museum.


About 232km by road, 214km by rail from Yangon, on the way to both Mawlamyine, Capital of Mon state and Hpa-an, Capital of Kayin state. Also known as Thuwanabhumi, it was the capital of an ancient Mon Kingdom which flourished until the 11th Century, when it fall under the sway of Bagan.


Golden Rock- One of the most important pilgrimage sites in Myanmar accessible by road and a little walk-up. It is a boulder of about 600 tons resting in the perfect balance on the edge of a mountain cliff at about 1100 meter’s altitude. It rests there for thousands of years surviving a certain number of strong earthquakes. Local traditions attribute this perfect stability to the miracle of Buddha’s hair believed to be enshrined in the small stupa on the boulder.


About 300km by road, 285 km by rail, away from Yangon, the Capital of Mon state link with the Southern long coastal strip. The town is noted for its fruits such as pomelo, durian and rambutan.

Sites to see

Mawlamyine hill with magnificent view of town and near by islands. Kyaikthanlan Pagoda, Uzena Pagoda, Caves of kawgoon and Payon, famous for its countless Buddha Images, stalagmites and stalactites.

About 34km from the town is Thanbyzayat, an Allied War Memorial Cemetery for the prisoners of war who lost their lives in the building of the famous Death Railway line across the River Kwai.

Kyaikkhami Pagoda, perched on the rocks by the sea and joined to the land by a covered causeway, is the main attraction.


Mrauk U- Another important archeological site situated in the Rakhine State accessible only boat. It is to be noted that all the monuments here are built of sandstone. They date back to the 15th and 16th centuries. It is actually a hilly region where the rain is abundant. You will notice that the architectural style here is quite different from that of Bagan. The major highlights include the Shitthaung temple, Andaw Thein temple, Dukkham athein temple and Kothaung temple.

Kyaing Tong

Kyaing Tong (Kentung)- The town near the Golden Triangle region accessible only by flight. Actually, it is the region in which a large number of ethnic diversity can be found by doing trekking in different places. Various mountain tribes, namely Akha, Lahu, Loi, Wa, Palaung and Ann reside in this region. It is very interesting to see that these peoples are still wearing their traditional colorful costumes and that they still practice ancient religions together with Christianity and Buddhism.


Ngapali Beach

The most beautiful beach in Myanmar. Situated near Thandwe (Sandway) and can be reached only by air route as the road across the mountain ranges is not suggestible.

Ngwe Saung Beaches

Five-hour drive away from Yangon. Situated in the Ayeyarwady division. The visit of an elephant camp near the beach can be arranged if you are willing.

Setse Beach

Peaceful and scenic beach is located about 11 km west of Thanbyuzayat in Mon state.