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Travel Tips

Myanmar Standard Time is 6:30 hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time.

International calls can be made with IDD connections in the Hotels, by using GSM prepaid phone card and through internet servers (there are several internet caf├ęs in big cities)

Wearing foot wares and socks are prohibited to visit religious monuments like pagodas, temples and monasteries. Wearing shorts and briefs represents lack of respect in the religious establishments. Light sweaters are suggested to visit in the cold seasons.

Drink only the bottled water. Food on the street sides are not at all hygienic for foreign travelers. Mosquito and insect repellents are surely needed. Take your personal preventive measures against Hepatitis, Typhoid, Tuberculosis and Tetanus before coming to Myanmar. Malaria prevention is needed for the travelers who are planning for visiting the jungle areas.

Two types visa can be obtained from the Myanmar Embassy or Consulate world-wide: the FIT (Free Independent Traveler) visa which can be applied for by yourself and the Tourist Visa which can be obtained with an authorizing letter from a Travel Agency in Myanmar. Your Visa will be valid for 28 days starting from the day of your Entry to Myanmar. If you happen to overstay, you would better pay 3 US$ per overstay-day on the day of your departure. Visa extension procedures are very complicated. The visitors from the countries in which there is no Myanmar embassy can apply for the On-Arrival Visa (please contact us).

All valuable items brought into the country such as jewellery, cameras, electrical apparatus, etc. must be declared upon arrival and subsequently brought out of the country upon departure. All foreign currency in excess of US$ 2,000 must also be declared. Export of handicrafts considered to be antique, or of artwork thought to have archaeological significance is prohibited. Export of any allowed items must be accompanied by an official dealer’s receipt.

Airport Tax on the international departure is US$ 10 per person.

Electricity supply in Myanmar in 220 V, 50 Hz; the electricity shutdown is very frequent (even in Yangon & Mandalay) and the fluctuation in voltage can also be large. Therefore, you have to have your own protection devices for your laptop and camera.